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Presentation in "Ruski dom"

For all of you who are interested in "Russia on two wheels" there will be a slide show and we will tell story from our journey in "Ruski dom"
on Thursday, 11th October (19:00)

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August 6, 2007:
And the other part of the crew came home. Now we are preparing a story and photographs from the trip.


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(October 2007)


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August 6, 2007:
And the other part of the crew came home. Now we are preparing a story and photographs from the trip.
In the page ::Story you can find short impressions from our expedition CikloRusija 2007.

May 19, 2007:
We were guests on the TV station S.O.S channel on Saturday! Now among the TV stars, besides Momir, is also Ugljesa!

May 7, 2007:
Here we are again in paper edition! This time we appeared in newspapers 24 sata in the article "Kroz Rusiju bajsem za 24 dana" (Cycling trough Russia in 24 days) on 3rd May and in Blic in the article "Kroz Rusiju na dva tocka" (Going trough Russia on two wheels) on 7th May.
(download - 159KB) 24 sata
(download - 269KB) Blic

April 13, 2007:
We placed guestbook on our site! If you want you can write what you think about our idea.

March 30, 2007:
There is another article about us in newspaper Glas javnosti: "1389 kilometers trough Russia". Link
(download - 261KB)

March 10, 2007:
Momir had his 5 minutes of glory on local TV station Studio-B! He was a guest in the morning programme on Saturday and presented our idea to the TV audience. During the programme we gave away some promotional CD's containing pictures and stories from some of our earlier trips. If you want to get our CD feel free to send us an email.

March 1, 2007:
We were guests on the radio INDEX in the emission of the Nebojša Risitć - Calypso. As one of our media sponsors they will talk about our preparations for the expedition in the mentioned emission. Emission is on the air every Thursday from 6PM to 8PM, and we are sure that we will be guests again in the emission...

February 12, 2007:
We received first donations from our friends. You can see donations here...

January 6, 2007:
Article about us is published in newspaper Danas: "On a wheel trough Russia". Link
(download - 268KB)

December 13, 2006:
We made first version of the website.